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Assunta is a retired Public Health RN, a mom, grandmother, and a courageous survivor of life on many levels. She writes as a way to process her journey, and in doing so, bring hope to others. A world traveler as well, she recently discovered the joy of seeing the United States from her sleeper-car train window ~ and writing about it!

Assunta hosts a critique group, Writers Circle, in her Riverside home. Over years past, she has edited professionally for NAVAN, a national professional nursing trade Journal; and has created, organized, ran judging and publishing logistics for elementary school student writing contests. Publication venues have included Loma Linda’s Nurse In Action Magazine, The Highland PTA Newsette, The ESGV Chapter American Red Cross Disaster Nursing and Health newsletter, the Inland Empire Chapter CWC on line magazine, Fresh Ink, and most recently the prestigious 2016 CWC Literary Review, entitled Early Indoctrination of Silence.