So well and powerfully said Michelle. The Lord also tells us to Be still. It is sobering to realize that SOMETHING MUST be done…. But what? I am in solid agreement that listening and learning is paramount to inform the WHAT. As we contemplate our Countries collective upcoming decision making events, I pray that there will be a whole lot more quiet, still, serious listening, deep deep down in our hearts and a quickening in our brains.

The Green Study

canstockphoto8203272Leonardo da Vinci wrote that silence was the best way to strengthen authority. Lincoln suggested that the sin of silence, instead of protest, made cowards of men. Neither was on Facebook or Pinterest, nor could they have envisioned the great equalizing platform of social media, where blowhards get as much airtime as critical thinkers.

I’d written a long draft for my blog about the murders in Paris, which I left unpublished. Often I allow events in the news to pass by my writing with nary a whisper. I am deliberately obtuse at times. Too often we try to draw our connection to tragedy, try to put ourselves in the picture, try to see what it means to us. It rings false to me, like filling the air with anecdotes from the brother of the barber’s cousin who ate at that particular cafe in 1987. Perhaps it is our cry to…

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