What’s on my mind?!  Too much! Head can’t hold it all. Like a tidal wave life overwhelms, with destructive flooding force. Leaves a hurricane of paper piles in its wake. There is no shelter from this disaster. No rest, no sleep. No direction. No plan.

Is this how dying starts?

Writing helps to get it out.  Of my head anyway.  If I could get some of it out of my head, my lungs could breath easier, my heart could beat more steadily.

Wish I could just go fishing.


Assunta’s 2016 Bio


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Assunta is a retired Public Health RN, a mom, grandmother, and a courageous survivor of life on many levels. She writes as a way to process her journey, and in doing so, bring hope to others. A world traveler as well, she recently discovered the joy of seeing the United States from her sleeper-car train window ~ and writing about it!

Assunta hosts a critique group, Writers Circle, in her Riverside home. Over years past, she has edited professionally for NAVAN, a national professional nursing trade Journal; and has created, organized, ran judging and publishing logistics for elementary school student writing contests. Publication venues have included Loma Linda’s Nurse In Action Magazine, The Highland PTA Newsette, The ESGV Chapter American Red Cross Disaster Nursing and Health newsletter, the Inland Empire Chapter CWC on line magazine, Fresh Ink, and most recently the prestigious 2016 CWC Literary Review, entitled Early Indoctrination of Silence.



Want to QUIT SMOKING, but Can’t?

You’ve already given up a lot. The sheer act of realizing that this habit repels others and interferes with your hopes for something better in your future, like living awhile longer, means you’ve given up an attitude. Perhaps you’ve already let loose other self-destructive parts of your lifestyle. Perhaps you’ve lost someone dear to you already. 
When you let go of a support, no matter how shaky unhealthy and unstable it might be, it’s likely you’ll stumble and come crashing down unless you have replaced that support with something else to grab, to hold you up when your foundation shakes. The key is to find and choose something sturdier, healthier, to replace the former thing you used to run to. 

A Wish for Peace…and Quiet

So well and powerfully said Michelle. The Lord also tells us to Be still. It is sobering to realize that SOMETHING MUST be done…. But what? I am in solid agreement that listening and learning is paramount to inform the WHAT. As we contemplate our Countries collective upcoming decision making events, I pray that there will be a whole lot more quiet, still, serious listening, deep deep down in our hearts and a quickening in our brains.

The Green Study

canstockphoto8203272Leonardo da Vinci wrote that silence was the best way to strengthen authority. Lincoln suggested that the sin of silence, instead of protest, made cowards of men. Neither was on Facebook or Pinterest, nor could they have envisioned the great equalizing platform of social media, where blowhards get as much airtime as critical thinkers.

I’d written a long draft for my blog about the murders in Paris, which I left unpublished. Often I allow events in the news to pass by my writing with nary a whisper. I am deliberately obtuse at times. Too often we try to draw our connection to tragedy, try to put ourselves in the picture, try to see what it means to us. It rings false to me, like filling the air with anecdotes from the brother of the barber’s cousin who ate at that particular cafe in 1987. Perhaps it is our cry to…

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One fun game

Walking to Listen

Sometimes it feels like there’s a trembling child inside me, even though I see a bearded man staring back at me from the mirror these days. One fun game is to let the little boy speak, instead of pretending he’s not there. This is a good game to play, because I’ve noticed as soon as I start pretending, faking it, the reality surrounding me seems to know somehow, like a shark smells blood in the water. At this, it immediately sets about the task of making me honest again, which often involves getting humbled in some way. Humbled: comes from the Latin root humilis (on the ground), which comes from humus (the earth, the soil). In other words, if I’m not being real – expressing my truest self in each moment – the intelligence of life will, sooner or later, bring me back down into the truthful dirt, the dirt from which I came…

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Human Kindness

I met the owner of this building today. I’m not looking or feeling my best at 60 years old, post-operatively walking with my crutch walker for an appointment.  A very nice man approached me offering his assistance if I should need it, finding or accessing my destination. I was a perfect stranger!   How rare and thoughtful, his simple act of kindness! 

 The genuinely warm and friendly human made my entire day blessed!  

His name is Gary Horn.  If I ever need to consult with somebody regarding a real estate investment in Riverside, I know who I’ll be calling. By the way this pic is one I’m submitting as a suggestion for his commercial real estate web site. 

Blessings to your business kind stranger! 


Blessings to your business kind stranger!